My heartbeat echoes from my empty chest,
I’m afraid everyone will be able to hear it.
So I lean forward and let my shoulders cave in,
but it just gives my heart more room to echo in.

She has a stubborn daughter, my chest.
Thirst, they call her.
At each echo she cries harder
she won’t stop until I give her what she wants
And she wants you.
But you are a thousand miles away


The hurt of what could have been.

I am on my chair by the window, wrapped in my blanket
I could be a painting, if only I had a mug of coffee on my lap
Instead of the laptop.
But however beautiful the sunset be and however many times I glance at it,
My fingers don’t stop tapping on the alphabets.
It sounds like heartbeats typing out a story.
Furiously. Thud, thud, thud.
I lose count of the heartbeats that pass,
Heartbeats that want to capture the passing sunset through my eyes.
But I am relentless.
I have a deadline to submit, this is going to bring me money.

I am half a year ahead now.
I spent the money that evening paid me.
The regret I was paid, though, crawled back up.
Stayed there till I heard it.
Thud, thud, thud.
The sun sets everyday.
Yet, my loss hurt.

The Wizard

My little sunshine breather.
I watch you pick up the baby powder with both hands and spill it on your grandma’s dressing table.
You tilt backwards because of the weight as you carry the bottle to the bed.
Another addition to your fresh list of victories against gravity.
Your tiny fingers get coated in fairy dust as you smear the powder all over the table, squealing “Rainbow!” “Rainbow!” “Rainbow!”
Baby, I believe you.
I see the colours spill off the dressing table and fly across the room to wherever you look.
Colours that dwell in your big wide eyes.
Thank you for showing me magic yet again, my sweet.


Your scent lingers on my breath
Lightly, like the memory it is.
My mind is just a pocket
But you think of it as an hourglass
Filling it with time, grain by grain
Either ways, they stick in there like sand.
Here is your hourglass then,
Swinging up and down as I wait
Each grain telling a different story
Of the same day

The Big Bang Theory

The stars collapse into themselves
Dotting the universe with black holes.
Do not look upon the ball of fire in our hearts with dread, my love.
It is not a star.
It is madness, swirling.
Dust clouds of ordinary that we shed
Expand infinitely, changing forms.
The theory of singularity held us on its shoulders
As we went down the path of collapse
Except only in reverse, rebels that we are.
We sped into an explosion.
My darling, listen to how your heart beats with mine.
It is the only remnant sound from that big bang.
And believe it or not, it is a billion lifetimes old.

Safety for Blind Workers at Rs. 100 per head

GSP gate
GSP gate

Grahmeen Shramik Prathisthan(GSP) is an NGO for the blind. It houses 72 blind persons in its one hectare campus, where they are trained in handloom weaving and later employed within the NGO. They are paid in agreement to fair trade standards. About five years back the NGO also started a certified course for the blind in acupressure massages.
GSP acupressure
GSP acupressure

GSP dahi handi
GSP dahi handi

The visually impaired persons living here are proud, independent, and most importantly, happy. What they are not, is safe. I’m talking about physical security. GSP has not been able to afford a concrete compound for its land. The threats faced by the residents inside range from nuisances of stray animals, drunken people, outsiders entering the campus to defecate in the open, to theft of property and any unpredictable misdoings.

It’s not often that visually impaired persons in third world countries get a chance to be independent and live their lives with dignity. The least we can do is give them the security they deserve.

GSP no compound
GSP no compound
GSP no compound 2
GSP no compound 2

GSP no compound 3
GSP no compound 3

They need Rs.1,000,000 to build an eight feet high compound around the land. Which means that if 10,000 people donate Rs. 100 per head (less than $2) , these blind persons will be protected for several years to come! Is 10,000 a lot of people? I think not. Cat videos get over a million hits an hour and let’s admit it, they take up enough time from your work hour to cost you Rs. 100 per head.

Let’s spread the word and get them their 10,000 builders in spirit. We have two months. Here is the link to the crowdfunding campaign where you can find more details about the project. Our time starts now! Reblog, share, go bonkers. Donors welcome internationally.

NGO Details
GSP Campus – At post Budhoda Ta Ausa
Dist Latur, Maharashtra – India -413520
Voice – 91-9422663733 Ph. 02383-236611
Website :www.gspindia.org.in
Twitter :@GSPlatur

Life Advice by a 22 years old

Be nice, even if you cannot afford it

Be nicer when you can.

Hold your trust on the palm of your hand.

It will be crushed, yes.

But do not hesitate to hold it out again.

Not all people are the same.

Everybody has been wronged at some point in their life.

Some are made of the times they were wronged.

Do not be one of them.

Your heart may be the size of your fist,

But soon you will learn

That there is no amount of love you cannot fit inside it.

Shower your smiles generously and mean them.

Smile at those who deserve it and those who don’t

Smile when the world is shattering into pieces around you

Your heart breaking smile can mend broken souls, including your own.

Grieve as much as is due, but not an ounce more.

Be kind to yourself.

Never let the fear of ‘what if’ eclipse the ‘why not’

And most of all, remember that the purpose of life is basically to have fun.